The Late Christmas Decor Post

So this is obviously a way late post that I started not to even do but decided oh well!  I took the pics a month ago with intentions of posting them so why not.  I like to post them here anyway because it's an easy go to place when Christmas decorating comes around again and I need to look back at how I did something the previous year.  I always feel like nothing really goes together since I have no theme but still like how it all turns out!

Made a new wreath this year
Love the FREE printables you can get these days
My small entry way area
Living Room

Wasn't sure what I was going to do at first but loved how my wreath and table decor turned out.
Found the frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby, lightly sanded it, spray painted it & wiped off before drying. 
Love decorating with burlap stuff

Usually I have a clock above mantel but like the mirror much better
Purchased a couple of our initial letters and wasn't sure what I would be doing with them.  Ended up spray painting gold and light layer of red glitter and placed in the tree. 
...and with all the decor and beauty of Christmas I love having things out that remind us of the true meaning and reason behind it all.

Some Favorite Family Pictures

A few months ago, November to be exact, we had family pictures taken and I've wanted to share some of my favorites but just haven't made the time to do so.  Kassie & Priscilla did a great job especially considering what they had to work with.  We went to the park here in Burk because I liked the pond, bridge & big hill there.  However, I never thought about things that would be in the background so that made it a little difficult for the photographers.  Then the week we were going to take pictures the kids had things such as fever blister, scratches on face, and chapped skin around lips which made editing tedious I'm sure.   Even with all this they got some great pictures especially of the kids!

 I am so thankful for beautiful children God has placed in our care and for an awesome man He has placed by my side!


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